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Catfish and Cod
Sunday, July 13, 2003
Another obstructionist.

(via the Footballs of Rabid Pro-Semitism, via Jerusalem Post, free and pointless registration required at the latter)

The voice of the Israeli far-right, Tourism Minister Benny Elon, thinks it would be just dandy if Israel destroyed the PA, took down the refugee camps, and made Jordan into the Palestinian state. There's just one little problem: he forgot to ask Jordan or the Palestinians if they think he knows the right way to order their lives.

The truth is that no one would accept the Elon Plan, precisely because it is completely unilateral. The US, EU, and UN have all publicly committed to a two-state solution; they won't take the suggestion seriously. President Bush especially has a lot to lose if the Palestinian state doesn't become a reality. Jordan will not accept the Palestinians as citizens; they've made that clear before. The Palestinians likewise don't consider themselves Jordanian and won't accept their authority. Combined with their continuing rejection of Israeli authority, where does that leave the P.'s? Right back where they started, of course; with Arafat's anti-Israeli wing of the PA, with Hamas, and Hezbollah, and all the rest.

But don't worry. Uncle Benny has a plan for them:

Israel will uproot the Palestinian terror infrastructure. All arms will be collected, incitement will be stopped and all the refugee camps, which serve as incubators for terror, will be dismantled. Terrorists and their direct supporters will be deported.

Note that Uncle Benny doesn't tell you how he plans to do this, of course. He really doesn't want to paint the nasty picture of massacres, forced deportations at gunpoint, and ruthless full-scale military rule that he truly is advocating. Elon is no pie-in-the-sky idealist (an ideologue, maybe, but not an idealist). He knows that the chance of Palestinian acceptance is nil. He just wants carte blanche to reorganize the population and politics of the Holy Land as he sees fit, i.e., under Israeli control.

Sorry, Benny. We don't do things that way anymore. Your plan, in a nutshell, is an escalation of the occupation (with the support of Jordan) and the termination of all negotiations with the Palestinians. In other words, you are just as much of an obstructionist as Arafat. Personally, I'd say you need to be shunned in exactly the same way as he is.