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Catfish and Cod
Tuesday, July 15, 2003
Brainless urban transportation boosters.
(Link path: Boston Globe)

Who comes up with ideas like the North-South Rail Link?

Gentlemen, let us reason with one another. After fifteen -- fifteen -- years, the city is finally seeing the light at the end of the Big Dig tunnel. The Artery will be pulled down starting in September. Everyone is looking forward to having a downtown that isn't a construction zone 24/7. And you want to start digging again?

Not. Going. To. Happen. Not short of 2050 or so, when they start thinking about the hover-way to replace the Dig.

If you really want trains to go between North and South Station, guys, there's a rail already set aside for that purpose. I've crossed it numerous times. It runs out of North Station, around the Charlestown/Somerville yards to Sullivan Square, through Cambridge just west of Lechmere and just north of MIT, across the Charles at the BU Bridge, and so to the MetroWest lines aligned along the Pike headed for South Station. Sure, it takes a few more minutes to go around the long way, but it's far far cheaper and can actually be done.

And -- hey -- isn't that part of the corridor for the Urban Ring, too? Maybe you should talk to those guys about combining the two plans into one. I, for one, would love service from Kendall (actually, Lewin) Square to, say, Fenway Station, which is underused right now...