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Catfish and Cod
Tuesday, July 15, 2003
The cameras are coming: II
(Link path: Slashdot, Village Voice, Defense Tech)

DARPA is now working on Combat Zones That See: a project aimed at creating the long-envisioned panopticon. With CTS, any government agency could figure out where any person or vehicle is at any time. There is no way this is intended for military applications, with the possible exception of peacekeeping. (In most parts of the world that need peacekeeping, the parts would be stolen in the first week after installation). No, this is a Homeland Security project, intended for use right here in the U.S.A.

I expect the Voice to oppose the development of CTS. But that may miss the point of Shachtman's article. If all CTS takes is some programming glue and parts from Amazon, anyone could build it: corporations, non-profits, the UN, whoever. Perhaps David Brin has a better answer: let everyone see what's on the cameras, and be sure the cameras are trained on those who control their installation and use.