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Catfish and Cod
Monday, July 14, 2003
"The cameras are coming: We're everywhere -- for your convienence."
(Link path: A Voyage to Arcturus, I, Cringely)

This is beyond scary. This is Orwellian. Your phone can be bugged without anyone -- FBI, phone company, anyone -- knowing. The mechanism for state, corporate, mafia, or even self-enacted terror is already in place. Who will control it? Not the government; not corporations; certaintly not the individual operators of switching stations. What hubris!

On the other hand, it's just like David Brin's admonition that the cameras are coming: the wiretaps are coming, too. Brin advocates making "the cameras", such as those currently enforcing traffic laws, a public resource useable (and monitorable) by all. Would that work for telephones too? Is a telephone public or private?