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Catfish and Cod
Friday, July 25, 2003
Coming soon to Catfish & Cod!
(otherwise known as the C&C To-Post List)

* Sao Tome coup ended peacefully.
* The movement to renew the Scoop Jackson Democrats.
* Uraniumgate: attack of the headhunters.
* Valerie Plume: the scandal that's potentially more destructive than Uraniumgate.
* The wider Iraq justification fight: strategically irrelevant but politically decisive.
* Ding dong, the boys are dead. DONE!
* The design of the so-called "Orbital Space Plane", and the single design pathology
* "Channel rhetoric" in the United States.
* Chomsky on Palestine: 60's vs. 90's.
* The Seventh Round.
* New societal development: evolution not revolution.
* Liberia drags on.
* Twenty first century medicine.
* Real Physicists.

...coming soon to C&C!