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Wednesday, July 16, 2003
The FBI is on the case!
(Link path: CNN)

Someone in the Administration is ready to blame someone else. (Whether that's proper or not remains to be seen, and depends primarily on what MI6 is holding.) The FBI is now investigating, not within the administration, but to find the document forger(s) and how this document came to the CIA. This could either be a wild goose chase, or the biggest international scandal since the XYZ Affair.

Whatever the tru7h, we now have a timeline of the flow of information to the CIA:

1) Receipt of the forgeries by the Italians: November 2001.
2) The report to various intelligence agencies: late 2001 or early 2002.
3) Receipt of the forgeries by the U.S. embassy in Rome: October 2002. Please note that the documents were not given away by the Italians themselves, but via a journalist. Intentional leak, or a US intelligence coup?
4) Receipt of the forgeries at CIA HQ: February 2003, after bouncing through the CIA Rome station and/or the State Department.

The passage of the documents through the Rome embassy explains how the State Department came to its own conclusions regarding the forgeries. In addition, it turns out the Italians are not technically lying when they say that the forgeries did not come from them: they didn't directly hand them over, a journalist did that for them...

I feel certain that more is to come.

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