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Catfish and Cod
Monday, July 14, 2003
Hare today, gone tommorrow
(via the WSJ Best of the Web, via KCNA)

Wait, so aside from the Great Leader's glorious pursuit of nuclear weapons, he's funding cloning research? Does he expect to sell cloned rabbits to fund his regime? Or does he think that he can grow them in vats filled with Soylent Green? Besides which, how does he even get the technical people to accomplish this research, considering that nearly all the North Korean population are kept ignorant?

Oh. Wait. I only have KCNA's word for any of this. KCNA -- that anachronism of Stalinist propaganda, NK's Pravda. In other words, this is all a crock.

As you were, people. As you were. And for shame, WSJ, for taking North Korean pronouncements at face value.