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Catfish and Cod
Saturday, July 12, 2003
In the grand Slashdot tradition: First Post!

Welcome to Catfish and Cod.

Catfish and Cod is a name I chose to describe the dual nature of my experiences. I am a Mississippian born and bred, yet a longtime resident and student in Massachussetts. Because of my longtime experiences with both cultures, I tend to have a perspective that doesn't quite fit in either. Caught between Democratic Northeast liberalism and Republican Southern conservatism, I have tried over the years to develop a third, synthesist worldview. My allies are faith and reason; my enemies, ignorance, willful stupidity, prejudice, parasitism, and tyranny. I have the interests and scope of a Renaissance man, in an age when no human mind can possibly cope with the incredible flood of information and news produced every minute of our lives. You'll find it all here: astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, medicine, psychology, history, economics, politics, and philosophy.

It'll be an interesting ride.