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Catfish and Cod
Tuesday, July 15, 2003
Obligate unknowns.
(Link path: Andrew Sullivan, The Guardian)

Salam Pax sez:

No stars. Oh well, it's a small thing, it doesn't matter. I am happy, we all are. The general sentiment is: "Yes, of course we know it is not a real government, but it is a start." The mix is right; they just have to work more on the choice of characters, and they need a massive PR campaign. People just don't know who they are, especially the women.

At least Salam is willing to give them a chance. The Beeb and other leftist media just complain that they don't know who the new principals are, and that they're therefore stooges.

We don't know who the real leaders of Iraq are. Saddam made sure that no one within Iraq found out! Anyone famous in Iraq right now is an exile, or someone who knows an exile. No one else has had time to make a name yet. The purpose of the IGC is to provide a somewhat representative and stable government until the real leaders can emerge. The non-famous members might be real Iraqi leaders that we just never met before. Or they might be stooges, as conspirologists believe. Let's sit back, watch, and find out, eh?