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Catfish and Cod
Tuesday, July 15, 2003
What does Italy know?
(Link path: ChronWatch, News.com.au/Agente France-Presse, Financial Times)

Whitehall says that France and Italy provided the real intelligence on Niger uranium. But Italy's playing dumb. The FT blames the IAEA for discrediting MI6's intelligence, but it turns out that the IAEA's in the dark for the same reason as the CIA: withholding of the crucial documents.

France, we know, is withholding their information, and they may have reason: the intelligence may actually be about France. But why is Italy hiding?

UPDATE: Jack Shafer at Slate says multiple sources report that Italy was the original source of the forged documents! Apparently, Italian intelligence received the documents from a forger at the Niger Embassy in Rome, at a time when the Iraqi ambassador to Rome was touring Niger.

So the Italian connection seems to be bogus. But once again: what other evidence do the British have? Why are they still supporting the claim when the CIA won't?