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Catfish and Cod
Wednesday, July 16, 2003
When exactly were these Nigerian uranium deals?
(Link path: Front Page Magazine)

Could these intelligence reports about Iraqi entreaties to the Nigerians really be from the 80's? Hard to say -- but it certainly would undercut the "urgency" part of the President's case for war, wouldn't it?

Of course, the real "urgency" was the strategic goal of improving the Arab world's economy and alleviating one of the three primary reasons young Arab men listen to the militants. (The others being repression at home and state-sponsored anti-Semitism.) But the war would never have passed the UN on those grounds. A successful case could have been made on humanitarian grounds, but the French argued that the "humanitarian" thing to do was to give the dictator a free hand. Thanks for the stab in the back, Chirac.