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Catfish and Cod
Monday, August 04, 2003
The cracks are showing.
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North Korea is saying, "My gun's jammed. Why don't you put yours down? It would be the fair thing to do, old chap." But if you're playing to win, if you're in a war, you keep firing. Trust me, the North wouldn't stop their propaganda if the South asked. And it won't hurt South Korea to ignore the suggestion; North Korean propaganda doesn't have anywhere near the effects that South Korean propaganda has. One reason why is that South Koreans know beforehand (except for those with idiotarian self-blinders) what North Korea is like; the reverse is not true. Another reason is that South Korea is much, much richer than North Korea. The South Koreans are far less desperate.

The only logical reason North Korea would make an obvious capitulation is because those broadcasts are working, to the extent that the Nork leadership is nervous. Things must be moving faster than I thought; a few more months could bring the end of another cheap imitation of Hell on Earth. Here's hoping