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Catfish and Cod
Wednesday, August 20, 2003
Earning his name: Little Green Footballs versus the Volokh Conspiracy.
(Link path: The Footballs of Rabid Pro-Semitism, The Volokh Conspiracy, The Footballs of Rabid Pro-Semitism, Yahoo/AP)

David Bernstein, in a great display of blogger symbiosis, used postings and comments from the Footballs to articulate a tough but fair approach to the impending collapse of the Road Map. Both Charles Johnson and David Bernstein understand the root of the matter: Hamas and Jihad have spit in Israel`s face by claiming this attack. However, they have also spat in Abbas` face as well. Abbas can`t let this slide; if he does, he exposes himself as helpless and powerless in the face of the extremists. His entire position is built on the premise that he, and he alone, represents the Palestinian people to the outside world. He must enforce that position or fall. Sadly, that means intra-Palestinian political conflict; it may well mean Palestinian civil war. So be it: Hamas and Jihad must not exist in their current form if anyone is ever to have peace and prosperity, including the Palestinians. Hamaso delenda est!

Unfortunately, Johnson is one of those people who can neither defend nor parry, but only attack. So when he read Bernstein`s satiric post on insane hate-speech legislation in New South Wales, he immediately went on the offensive, dismissing Bernstein as a appeaser of Palestinians and a advocate of ``moral equivalence``. Johnson obviously failed to continue reading Bernstein`s posts, which evicerated Australian law as a potential tool for anti-Semites. He also, notably, skimmed over Bernstein`s statement that ``his girlfriend was just yards away``(emphasis mine), which is why he understood Johnson`s ``emoting``. Johnson leaped to conclusions and let his anger flow through him because he attacks anyone who doesn`t share his prejudicial belief that all the Jews are always right, all the Palestinians are always wrong, that absolutely no quarter should be given, and no thoughts to the contrary should be tolerated. And thus does he attack those who would be his allies.

We do not give nicknames at Catfish & Cod lightly. We did not name Johnson ``The Footballs of Rabid Pro-Semitism`` for nothing.

Johnson should apologize immediately and publicly, both in private e-mail to Bernstein and publicly on his blog. Anything less would be rude and prejudicial. Johnson can`t claim ignorance; he posted quite low in the comments section of his own post, well below comments pointing out his error. Can he admit he was wrong? Watch and find out.