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Catfish and Cod
Sunday, August 03, 2003
I don't think they got the message.
(Link path: the Footballs of Rabid Pro-Semitism, MSNBC)

I don't think al-Qaeda is paying attention to their enemies.

MSNBC reports that one element of their now-foiled new-and-improved hijacking plans is smuggling weapons onto planes concealed in everyday items. Well, perhaps they could get a knife or even a derringer gun onto a plane this way. In fact, given the attention span of the average TSA employee, I'd expect that such a subterfuge would work.

But it wouldn't matter. Any plane large enough to commandeer will also have a number of people willing to attack in order to prevent another September 11th. They would not hesitate or debate the issues. They would attack, immediately, because everyone now understands that you can't allow a plane to be hijacked, for the good of everyone. If the plane crashes and everyone aboard dies, that's still better than another Eleventh. They can't just kill the crew; they'll have to kill everyone, or at least every able adult, aboard.

Sun Tzu wrote that knowing your enemy and knowing yourself are the keys to any victory. al-Qaeda may or may not understand themselves; but they certainly don't understand us.

This is one of many reasons why we are going to win.