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Catfish and Cod
Saturday, August 02, 2003
"Please agree not to use your superior weapons until we have them, too."
(Link path: Washington Post)

What a joke. Does anyone really believe we will agree to such a ridiculous treaty?

The U.S. hasn't even deployed a weapon in space. It hasn't even tested a weapon in space. In fact, proposals to deploy weapons in space have been shot down as too expensive and too vulnerable for years. Anyone remember "Star Wars"?

But the Russians and Chinese are "concerned". So they try anyway, full knowing the futility of the excercise. They can't stop us from launching weapons if we want, and they can't follow suit if we do. We are currently dominant in space, and we will continue to be if we don't royally screw up.

The real motivation for this diplomatic insanity is Russian and Chinese xenophobia, and distant memories of foreign invasion. It hasn't really sunk into their minds that the US doesn't want to invade them, and isn't going to. Their nuclear arsenals are plenty of deterrent. They could blow up a hundred US cities if they wished; both Russia and China have enough missiles to overwhelm any defense the U.S. could muster in the next twenty years. And witness the lengths we go to to prevent North Koreans or terrorists from blowing up one American city.

Behold the power of irrational thought.