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Monday, September 01, 2003
Israel's basic problem.
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I support Israel, but not without reservations. This article shows why.

As Noam Chomsky pointed out back in the Sixties, before he headed off to Moonbat Territory, Israel has a fundamental problem: it's based on prejudice. Israel, as currently constituted, exists primarily for the Jews. Not entirely for the Jews, but primarily for the Jews. While Muslims can live in peace under Israeli rule, they can be -- and are -- discriminated against. Even if all incitement and terror-money from the Arab governments stopped tommorrow, even if there was a real peace agreement with the Palestinians tommorrow, Israel would still have this problem, and the Israelis would still have to deal with it.

The Palestinians have the same problem in reverse: their society is based on prejudice, too. Palestine, as currently envisioned, will exist primarily for the Arab Muslims. Not entirely for the Arab Muslims, but primarily for the Muslims. While Arab Christians can live in peace under Palestinian rule, and (so they claim) Jews can live in peace under Palestinian rule, they can be -- and will be -- discriminated against. Even if Israel disappeared entirely -- or was conquered by the Palestinian terrorists -- Palestine would still have this problem, and the Palestinians would still have to deal with it.

As long as neither side admits that the "other side" is a domestic as well as a foreign policy problem, there will always be simmering tensions between Israel and the Palestinians. Alas, it will likely be a hundred years before the two sides lose their bloodlust enough to see the problems under their own noses. That is, if there's a peace agreement that ensures that the two sides have a hundred years to think about the problem. If there isn't, the two sides will be arguing the issue from afar, while returning for periodic radiation tests to find out how many years are left before the Holy Land is habitable again.