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Catfish and Cod
Monday, September 01, 2003
Rule of law in Iraq: I.
(Link path: Zogby Blog, News.com.au/Agente-France-Presse)

Zogby Blog grabs a great AFP story telling how the two self-confessed al-Qaeda agents that apparently set off the Najaf bombing were captured -- a case of being incompetently conspicuous. He points out that the fact that the mob hustled them to a police station, rather than tearing them limb from limb right then and there, shows respect in Iraq for the rule of law. There's more: it shows that Iraqis are ready -- hungry -- for proper institutions that will allow the rule of law to reign in Iraq. Iraqis are tired of turmoil and sick of opportunists, like those they perceive in the current political scene (both inside and outside the Iraqi Governing Council). They want stable, working institutions -- owned and operated by the Iraqi people -- that can fix the problems that exist in their land. In short, they want to govern themselves.

Shouldn't we let them do that?