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Catfish and Cod
Monday, September 01, 2003
Rule of law in Iraq: II.
(Link path: Boston Globe/AP)

The Governing Council has announced a Cabinet slate for Iraq.

Many people, both inside and outside Iraq, have complained that we haven't turned over the Iraqi government over to Iraqis again. American control of Iraqi institutions have led to friction and conflict, because the Iraqi people are unable to communicate effectively with their American occupiers. The formation of the Cabinet is the first step towards turning over the Iraqi government to Iraqis. Not necessarily the Iraqis that every Iraqi agrees should be in charge, mind, but an Iraqi nonetheless. If we can set up transparent and accountable government in Iraq, then the political hacks that get appointed will be turned out for incompetence and Iraq can build herself better government through her own efforts. Isn't that what we mean by a responsible democracy?

Of course, first we have to be sure that the CPA is transparent and accountable itself. They haven't been doing too good a job on that lately, have they? Could that be because they're underfunded? Too busy (i.e., not enough manpower)? Or maybe a few people in the CPA don't want to be accountable...