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Catfish and Cod
Monday, September 01, 2003
Why are we still afraid of "funking out" in Iraq?: II.
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Friedman knows why.

I don't know what Mr. Bush has been doing on his vacation, but I know what the country has been doing: starting to worry. People are connecting the dots — the exploding deficit, the absence of allies in Iraq, the soaring costs of the war and the mounting casualties. People want to stop hearing about why winning in Iraq is so important and start seeing a strategy for making it happen at a cost the country can sustain.

It's not that it's wrong to invade Iraq. But are we doing it right? Do we know what we're doing? Did we ever? The Administration won't tell us. Even as things spiral out of control, "the White House and Pentagon have been proceeding as if it's business as usual."

Friedman also hits on a big reason why the U.S. (and not just this Administration) is rightfully apprehensive about handing full control to the U.N.:

If the U.N. is brought into the political rebuilding of Iraq, a way must be found to tightly define its role so that we don't have 15 chefs in the kitchen. That would make a mess.

Such as Bosnia, where the only thing the (mainly European) U.N. administrators can agree on is how to waste U.N. money and insure Bosnian dependence on a continuing occupation.