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Catfish and Cod
Monday, October 27, 2003
Rumsfeld memo: II.
(Link path: On the Third Hand, Citizen Smash)

And it was at the low point of the madness that Kathy did speak, and spake she thus: "Despair not, for there are those who have harkened to the call of Rumsfeld."

And she pointed to those who had pondered the questions, and considered how we are doing. And many of them were wise men of the blogosphere, and among them were Lileks, of the silver tongue, and Carter, of the situation briefing, and foremostly the Master of Deception, he who is known by many names, and among these are Smash, Scott, Citizen, LT, Indepundit, Lieutenant Commander (select), United States Navy Reserve.

And your author read these posts, and was heartened, for there were those present who took their nation's interest to heart.

Yet was he still troubled, for millions more had heard only the spin of the pundits, those who said 'yea' or 'nay' without contemplation. And these had many outlets, and spake through the huge bullhorn of Media, whereby many heard their message; whereas the blogosphere, though tightly bound, were yet few in number.

And he thought on all the good ideas that would come from the people, were they to hear these questions without their spin, and were they to ponder them in their heart.