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Catfish and Cod
Friday, October 24, 2003
Rumsfeld memo: a tragedy of spin.
(Link path: USA Today)

And lo, it came to pass that Rumsfeld, master of the war hosts, awoke one day and asked: "How are we doing?"

And his followers began to whisper, "Rumsfeld knows not how we are doing."

And his domestic enemies heard the whispers, and said, "Rumsfeld hath said before that all was well, and now asks how we are doing; lo, he must have lied to us, and have deceit in his heart."

And his detractors heard these words, and said, "Lo, Rumsfeld asks how we are doing; he doth plan further, and doth consider bolder moves."

And Rumsfeld's followers became wroth, and said, "Who whispered this amongst ourselves? Was it not wrong to tell of the thoughts of Rumsfeld? Doth it not inform our enemies?"

And others commented, and said, "No, the thoughts are well, but we should not speak of them, lest Rumsfeld fear to contemplate these matters further."

And more people spoke, and said, "These are good thoughts, and worthy to be thought upon."

And many others commented, whose links are not to be found here.

But lo, it came to pass that no one answered the questions of Rumsfeld, and understood how it was that we were doing. And so the defense of the land was diminished.

And your author wept, and said, "Is there no one who will give up their spin, and consider the actual question?"

UPDATE: but wait, there's more!