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Catfish and Cod
Friday, October 24, 2003
Socialists hate democracy, love al-Sadr.
(Link path: Socialist Worker)

Want to see something disgusting? Check this out.

Buried in the anti-U.S., anti-capitalist, anti-everyone-except-socialist propaganda is this graf:

...while the Iraqi resistance--fueled by suffering and economic misery at the hands of the U.S. occupiers--will continue to gather momentum. "When the people of California were unhappy with their authorities, they threw them out and elected Schwarzenegger," Salah Erebat, a lawyer who supports the resistance, told the Wall Street Journal. "So why is it that Americans can do it, and we in Sadr City cannot?"

Because the Americans did it in an election. They had a petition, a campaign, and a organized vote, with checks and balances and transparency and sealed boxes and debates and peaceful rallies.

Sadr City's elected (and interim) neighborhood council was ousted by armed thugs of al-Sadr, a theocrat who doesn't give a hoot about human rights or socialist rhetoric. His unelected neighborhood council then held the offices for twelve days -- holding up city services in the meantime -- until Iraqi police and US troops forced them out and reinstated the original council.

Yet this bunch accuses the coalition of a "glaring double standard" by not holding Schwarzenegger's election equal to violent power grabs by a cleric with minority support even in his own constituency. What logic can drive such bizarre characterizations?

Oh yes. "The United States is the root of all evil; any attack against the U.S. power structure is therefore inherently good." You can justify pretty much any atrocity with that line.