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Catfish and Cod
Saturday, October 18, 2003
TSA: Terribly Silly Aardvarks.
(Link path: The View from Chaos Manor, ABC News)

Pournelle's response to the latest TSA incompetency:

The purpose of TSA is to expand and employ more TSA people. It has nothing to do with providing security, which is best done by locking the cockpit doors and arming the pilots.

Then How do you explain the job cuts?

No, Dr. Pournelle. The TSA's purpose is to serve as a fig leaf to hide or distract the real efforts to stop the terrorists, or the lack thereof. Since it doesn't actually do anything, its secondary job is to be as cheap as possible. Thus, it won't have the money to even do the minor jobs it supposedly is capable of, and there's no way any bright boy could build it into the security system it actually ought to be.

Jerry Pournelle can be quite an original thinker when he chooses to be. But currently, he's following standard conservative doctrine without considering the situation. Sure, if the TSA lives long enough, it will become a self-perpetuating money sink. But it's just out of the cradle. Right now, it's just a pitiful excuse, a minor psychological deterrent, and a major hassle.

But if you tell people it's useless, no one will believe you... and those that do will call for strengthening it.