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Catfish and Cod
Sunday, November 23, 2003
Part of a real plan to end the war on terror.
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"Lil, as you say, there's no doubt this war will outlast us all. The reason: because muslim soldiers will never quit until we show them they cannot win. I believe that has been done already, and America, Britain and company will do it again.
Derek | 11.22.03 - 11:59 pm | #"

I do not believe that will ever happen Derek, at least not without a bona fide Reformation in Islam. "showing" them they cannot win means nothing. They are only too happy to die for Allah and take the rest of us with them.

These religious wars have gone on since the inception of Islam. Islam is unique among religions in that it advocates war against the "other" as the way to a better place in Paradise. Muslims have a mandate in the Qu'ran to conquer the world for Islam. The Qu'ran is considered immutable. They will NOT quit—ever! Unless, perchance, there is an Islamic reformation and a renaissance along with an age of enlightenment to pull them out of the 7th century.

Let us hope it happens before some Islamofascist gets the bomb and destroys the planet!

Well, that's the idea. An Islamic Reformation/Renaissance will happen more quickly in a country with freedom of speech, expression, etc., and in a rich country. Italy was the center of the European Renaissance until political forces (including the Church) decided to clamp down on it. The Renaissance subsequently decamped to Holland, which was not coincidentally the richest, most tolerant, greatest free-speech defending, most progress-driven European country of the time.

If we can make Iraq into the Arab Holland, we run a much greater chance of truly ending all this.