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Catfish and Cod
Monday, May 24, 2004
First, remove the beam in thine own eye.
(Link path: The Footballs of Rabid Pro-Semitism, Hollywood Reporter)

LGF links a story noting that Bush, inexplicably, has chosen not to request airtime on the Big Four networks for his Army War College speech defending his Iraq policy.

Before clicking on the comments button, I said to myself, "You know, this is poor strategy on the part of the White House. If they intend to convince the voters, they really should get their attention. But I suspect that LGF and its commenters will blame the media for not being pro-Administration."

And you know what? I was right.

Only one person -- one person! -- was willing to consider that the Administration might have made a mistake:

I think everyone has missed the point. The question is:
Why hasn't the Bush Administration requested that these networks carry the speech??? This is a critical time and POTUS should be demanding them to carry it.

And, by long tradition, if the White House had insisted the networks would have carried it, and everyone would have heard about it beforehand. There are few ways to get a hundred million people's attention, but cancelling their favorite TV show is one of them.

But is that Bush's fault for not asking. Not a chance! To balance the one comment that maybe this was a mistake, most of the other eighty-seven blame the media. Let's listen in:

The big four don't give a damn about patriotism. they accuse others of caring only about the bottom line, well well, looks who is only caring about the bottom line now?

I'm not sure what you mean about "accusing others", but I'm quite certain that the Big Four networks don't hand out free airtime because they feel like it. And if national security is at stake, then isn't the Administration's job to insist?

It's now clear that the bushitler junta has a total control of the media and no dissent is any longer allowed.

I see. So FOX News is just a fluke, then, I take it. They put Hillary Clinton on this Sunday, clearly indicating that they have succumed to the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy. Rupert Murdoch is being brainwashed right now, and Sean Hannity is next in the chair.

This shit is beyond the pale. The airwaves belong to the people, and to not air a speech intended to update the population on the situation in Iraq is appallingly stupid.

Let's see, the speech will be on all three cable news networks, the Internet, and radio. It will be dissected in tomorrow's newspapers. Very few people have nothing but broadcast television as a news source anymore. You can hardly claim that the President is being muzzled.

Down towards the end, Blackman accurately assesses the situation:

Maybe the major networks can recognize political speech when they see it and for the most part, that is what it is. an attempt to stop the hemorrhage of falling popularity numbers. The networks have no obligation to give Bush or Kerry free air time for political purposes. Bush already gets an enormous amount of free coverage just by virtue of being the president. Yet, spin that the press is liberal and antiBush as the cause of this slight naturally follows.

But the problem is not just that the Right spends its time bashing the Left and other perceived aggressors against their point of view. It's that they use these tactics as a means of avoiding their own problems, such as bad strategy on the part of the White House, or excessive credulousness when presented with enticing WMD data by Ahmed Chalabi & Co.

The Footballs regularly points out, and rightly so, that the Palestinians and other Arabs routinely use their "victim" mentality to avoid fixing their own internal problems, preferring to spurn their enemies and construct elaborate conspiracy theories around them. It is ironically tragic that the LGF community cannot perceive the similarities in their own behavior.

Neither the Left nor the Right wants to deal with their own systemic problems right now; they're far, far happier bashing away at each other.