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Catfish and Cod
Monday, May 17, 2004
A moderately interesting idea.
(Catch of the day)

Rampant speculation mode here.

Consider a Riemannian space (a generalization of multi-dimensional space) defined by a genome. It has n dimensions, where n = the number of base pairs.

There are only four possible positions along each dimension. This could be modeled as a circle with four points; only the four cardinal points are possible positions.

This image has a remarkable similarity to the concept of “compactified” physical dimensions, used in physics. The “compactified” dimensions have extremely small radius; it is possible that a small, finite number of physical positions are allowed by these dimensions (i.e., they are a small, finite number of Planck lengths in circumference).

There are potential parallels here. Could a particle, or a universe, be defined in similar ways to a genetic code?

Just a spurious thought...