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Catfish and Cod
Monday, May 17, 2004
The triumph of hope over experience.
(Catch of the day)

Twice already I have started on this blog, and twice already I have abandoned it.

So why am I coming back again?

Because I still feel that there are things which must be said, and that only I can guarantee that they be said.

What I won't do (and I was doing the last two times) is write for anyone but myself. Before, I was trying (desperately!) to garner an audience. To be a blogosphere bigshot. To my disgrace, I was a SiteMeter whore, pedantically checking my hit-meter daily (sometimes hourly).

Of course, this was all doomed to failure. Only with a meteoric rise (unlikely) was I likely to get the attention I sought.

I will not post except when it pleases me. I will blog only for myself. This time I am not succumbing to any ideas about "my audience". I'm sorry if anyone reads this later and thinks I'm telling them to bugger off (as the British say), but I can't write for you. Only if you write to please yourself will you have the internal motivation to write at all.

Of course, going back, I find that most writers whose advice I've read (Heinlein and JMS come immediately to mind, but there have been others), they say the same thing.

So here we go again. Don't expect regularity.