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Catfish and Cod
Thursday, May 27, 2004
What a complete joke!
(Link path: UPI)

This is most blatantly ignorant "news analysis" I've ever read.

* We didn't necessarily think it would be "easy" to knock out al-Sadr. We just knew we had to.

* Riding the coattails of his father: true, but said coattails have now been run ragged.

* "There is no closure". Hmm. Fallujah is quiet. Karbala is quiet. Basra is quiet. Kufa has been taken, and Najaf is under a cease-fire. Is this not "closure"?

* "Shi'ites stick together". Normally that is indeed the case. But al-Sistani is bucking the trend, and upbraiding those who blindly rally 'round the flag no matter who raises it or for what cause.

Bottom line: only someone ignorant or prejudiced could possibly have written this.

I'm going to write him.